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Leading the way in Carbon Capture

Hydro Carbon Flow Specialists is proud to be an integral part of the nation’s first offshore carbon capture sequestration project. The well is being drilled in Texas state waters and requires ZERO DISCHARGE of drill cuttings and all water.

Hydro Carbon has been able to save our client hundreds of thousands of dollars on this project by providing our ZERO DISCHARGE SYSTEM and related services. For example, our water management system was installed in one day – where our competitors would have required multiple days, resulting in much higher costs.

In addition, our company has provided services including management of all gray water, and maintenance and operation of pumps and hoses. Our auger system and vacuum units, pumps and service technicians have also met or exceeded all of our customer’s needs and expectations. Our client has also expressed their satisfaction with how we have maintained crew continuity and avoided downtime or delays throughout the project.

Since the inception of our company in 1982, Hydro Carbon Flow Specialists has been committed to protecting the environment throughout the Gulf of Mexico and in every location where we work. We are excited to be a part of this first offshore carbon capture project as we continue to find new ways to be environmentally responsible and safe every day and on every job.