Why Hydro Carbon’s vacuum systems are superior

More power
Our 3200 CFM unit is the most powerful, non-sparking vacuum available—up to 3200 CFM free air and 27″ Hg with 6″ hoses.

These vacuum units with non-sparking bronze impellers offer the lowest operating temperatures at the highest levels of vacuum, for increased performance, reliability and safety.

Because of their power, our units aren’t limited to placement near the shaker. These stackable, space-saving units can be located wherever your rig layout dictates.

Field proven
These vacuum units are designed for continuous use and have been field proven in the toughest industrial applications.

Hibon-1_1  Hibon2

Our vacuum units are the only hi-vac systems with Hibon SIAV positive displacement blowers featuring non-sparking bronze impellers.

  • Self-cooling and designed for continuous industrial use, 24 hours a day.
  • Figure eight bronze lobes are cooled by natural aspiration through dual cooling ports, so our units run cooler, even under high vacuum. In typical applications, our vacuum units run only 70 to 90 degrees above ambient temperature, nearly 100 degrees cooler than competing positive displacement blowers. Lower operating temperature reduces wear and increases reliability and safety.
  • The Hibon SIAV uses durable piston ring seals instead of inferior lip seals, which are more likely to deteriorate and fail.
  • Helical timing gears offer more precise timing and reduced backlash. A superior bearing layout provides greater torque relief and a unique one-piece shaft increases reliability.
  • Superior engineering, compared with competing vacuum technology such as liquid ring pumps, results in a small, efficient and simple unit with no need for intensive maintenance.

Comparison chart

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