Cutting Box Features
Here’s What Makes Our Cutting Boxes Superior

All boxes interlock to provide stability and safety when stacked.

One-piece nitrile gasket
Eliminates leaks and is resistant to degradation by petroleum products.

Four-sided lockdown on lids
Lockdown bolts on all four sides insure proper gasket seal on lids and prevent leakage.



Safety devices
Specially-built handles and lid safety chains help prevent hand injuries and accidental lid closure.

Large openings
Large openings allow easy, efficient loading and unloading.


Galvanized, Then Painted and Internally Coated

All our cuttings boxes are galvanized, then painted and internally coated for lower maintenance and maximum corrosion resistance.

10” Portal

A 10″ portal on the tank’s top includes a pressure relief device, upgraded to a full 5 psi to meet new code requirements. This access port permits visual inspection to ensure the box is full before removal; it’s recessed into its own drip pan to catch any accidental overflow.


A lockdown for the door, complete with fail-safe clip, holds the door open in use or at the dump site, preventing accidental closure.

Lifting Eyes Interlock

Unlike some other boxes used in the industry, when Hydro Carbon’s boxes are stacked, lifting eyes interlock—a Hydro Carbon first—which stops any skidding or slipping, offering greater safety in transport, more safety for your employees.

Butterfly Structure

The “butterfly” structure of the clips ensures they won’t bend—even at 18,900 psi*—for adequate torque on the holddown bolts and a tight seal. The reinforcement plate above the clip is extra security—typical of our attention to engineering detail. (*Based on pressure testing of every box)

Lid Gasket

Our one-piece molded gaskets are press fit into the tank lid to eliminate the potential for leaks posed by the seams of inferior gaskets. Composed of hardness-punched nitrile rubber, it’s the same material used in blowout preventer rams so it can stand up to daily exposure to drilling fluids that would degrade other gasket material.

Recommendation When Transporting Filled Cuttings Boxes

Each box must be placed on the truck so that the portal on the top of the box is facing either the right or left edge of the truck bed.