IM101 Tanks

Recent regulatory guidelines have raised compliance issues for most of the industry’s inventory of offshore tanks. Hydro Carbon took this opportunity to develop an improved design: an ASME-certified, U-stamped marine portable tank.

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Our new IM101 tank not only exceeds current regulatory requirements, it offers a host of innovative features that make it superior to other vessels on the market for offshore transportation and storage of drilling fluids.

The new 25-barrel IM101 was designed and built to CFR standards and ASME codes. These ABS-certified vessels also feature a Hydro Carbon exclusive—a rotationally molded, hi-bond polyethylene lining, resistant to caustic chemicals and easy to clean.

These stackable vessels also feature crash protection and another industry first: either top or bottom discharge. Finite Element Analysis and engineering to standards which exceed regulations make our IM101s unique and the safest vessels on the market.

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