Safety Pod

Only the proven experts at Hydro Carbon could develop a new and better way to fill a drill cuttings box. Our Safety Pod is yet another innovative product designed to increase both efficiency and safety at the well site.

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Product Description

Our Safety Pod maximizes safety, increases efficiency and improves reliability – allowing operators the ability to put pressure on the rig without waiting on boxes to be bolted down and moved out of the way.

Our Safety Pod securely holds two cuttings boxes perfectly in place within a space-saving footprint. It also maximizes safety by utilizing a 10” portal instead of having to open the lid of the box – which eliminates pinch points. It also incorporates a pivoting arm that allows the vacuum hose to swing precisely from one cuttings box portal to the other without having to shut down operations.

Other features and benefits include:

• Improves reliability through air actuated technology – which eliminates the possibility of electrical malfunction.

• Eliminates the need to climb on top of the box to slide hose lids.

• Steel lip and vertical posts on the base of the unit act as a guide to ensure that cuttings boxes are positioned precisely.

• Designed to be used in conjunction with our one skid, one lift Big Blue 3200 Vacuum Unit.